Starting a website

Getting Started

There are 4 things you need for your website:

  1. You need a domain name.
  2. You need a host.
  3. You need the actual design and content.
  4. You need a team that can put it all together for you.

We are the web design team in Columbus Ohio you want working on your site, a one-stop shop for all your website design needs.

jhWebWorks is more than just webdesign we help your small business improve

Small Business

We specialize in small to medium size business, start ups, and sole proprietorships. We are committed to your success, because your success is ours.

For start ups and smaller businesses, we have affordable complete solutions including domain name registration, hosting, email and self-editing website design solutions.

What can we do for you

What else we can do for you

We offer maintenance, additions, graphic design, and customization for existing sites. You don’t have to spring for an entirely new site just because you want a new look or new feature.

It doesn’t matter if it’s updating a traditional website design, adding a shopping cart, or putting in a module we will help you get the most from your ever tightening budget.

how we work with our customers

How we work

Before we quote a project, we want to understand your goals for your website, the kind of customers you want to attract, what level of features you want to include, how big you want it to be, and what your likes and dislikes are.

You know your business better than we do. With our help, you can have a website that works for you and saves money in the process.

PHP Database Website Design

Custom Database/PHP Development

Custom website development includes a number of different solutions for your site. All of our custom programming is done using PHP, the most widely used language for database and website programming.

Once your project is done and paid for, you own it. No subscriptions or ongoing licensing fees. We fully support everything we write.

Graphic Website Design

Graphic Design

Creating an effective website that gets results is part science and part art. It requires advanced artistic and design skills, a strong background with code, search engine optimization knowledge & cross browser compatibility issues.

Our web design team can provide a professional website design that brings in the business and is within your budget.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines look for a few important things:

  1. Website content site that is readable.
  2. Unique and relevant meta tags.
  3. Incoming links from other relevant sites.

We can teach you what to do and how to do it. This saves you money now and in the future. Or, we an take care of it for you.

Website Hosting Email Domain Names

Website Hosting, Email and Domain Names

We offer several web hosting plans to fit any of our clients needs. We have economical LINUX (UNIX) hosting solutions, available with PHP and MySQL and more. Our web servers are fast, reliable and powerful, to ensuring the highest performance.

Most of our client leave the technical aspects to us. They make one call for all their Internet needs.