How to Set Up Your Email in Gmail

Accessing your Email account in Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail Account.
  2. Choose Settings, from the Settings cog.
  3. Click Accounts and Import.
  4. Click ‘Add a POP3 mail account you own”.
  5. Enter your Email address.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Enter your full email address as the Username.
  8. Enter Password for your email account.
  9. Enter the POP Server. This will be your domain name (
  10. Check “Label incoming messages” if you want this email address to be labeled as different from your Gmail address in the Inbox.
  11. Click the Add Account button.

Sending email through Gmail with your email address

  1. Choose ” Yes, I want to be able to send mail as”
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Do not select “Treat as an Alias.
  4. Click on the Next button.
  5. Choose to send “Send through SMTP server”
  6. Enter the SMTP Server. This will be your domain name (
  7. Enter your full email address as the Username.
  8. Enter Password for your email account.
  9. Choose Port 50.
  10. Click on Add Account.

Verify your email address

Now check the code for verificationthat was sent to the email address you are adding ( since you have already added it in your Gmail account, it will be delivered to Gmail inbox ).

Paste it in the corresponding field and click ‘Verify’.

Now you can both fetch all the emails sent to your email address and send from it in your Gmail account. 

A few more items:

Let’s head back to the setting area (remember the settings link in the top right corner in Gmail). Once again click on the Accounts Tab.

Choose your default email address

Which email address do you want to be your default? You can click “make default” if you would like to change that to your newly added email address.

Choose your reply email address

You will also probably want to change the setting under “When receiving a message:” to “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”. If you don’t change that it will always reply to people from your default email address rather than the same address they sent it to which in most cases you probably don’t want. You can always change which email address you are emailing from when you compose an email by simply clicking the dropdown menu on the “From:” line in your email.