How to Set Up Your Email in Outlook

How to Set Up Your Email in Outlook

This Tutorial will walk you through setting up an email address in Microsoft Outlook to check a POP3 Account on jhWebWorks’ servers.

You will use the email address and password we set up for you, or you requested, on your account on our servers.

NOTE: All screenshots may not look exactly the same for all versions of Outlook, but they will be similar and these setting remain the same.

To set up a new mail account in Outlook, follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook and at the top menu go to > Tools >E-mail Accounts > add a new account >

The box you see below will appear. Select:

  • Add a new e-mail account” then click “Next” at the bottom.


In the new window that appeared select “POP3” and then “Next” at the bottom.


In the new window that appeared fill in your information:

  • Your Name“. This is the name that will show up in the “From” line when you email someone. It can be what ever you like it to be.
  • Email Address“. This would be the email address you are setting up
  • Incoming Server mail server (POP3)“. “Outgoing mail server (SMTP)“. Both the incoming server and outgoing should be set exactly the same. Substitute “yourdomain” in the image below with your actual domain name.
  • User Name“. This should be the full email address. *IMPORTANT – Sometimes Outlook automatically fills the username in for you, but does not input the full email address. Make sure this is correct.
  • Password“. Type in the password we gave you. This is case sensitive.
  • Leave the “Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” unchecked.
  • Do notTest Account Settings” as we need to change a few more settings first.


Click “More Settings“. Another window will appear. We need to make a few changes. We are almost finished!


After you clicked “More Settings” a new box appears the same as below. The new box has tabs you can select across the top. We’ll start with the “General” tab.

  • You should put your name or company name in “Organization“.
  • You should put your email address in the “Reply E-mail field“.

After entering your info click the next tab to the right “Outgoing Server” and a new window will appear. See below. [Do not click OK at the bottom yet].


In the “Outgoing Server” tab make sure you have exactly the same as in the image below.

  • Check “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication“.
  • Select the radio button at the bottom “Use same settings as my incoming mail server “. See below.


In the “Advanced” tab make sure you have exactly the same as in the image below.

  • Change the “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” port number to “50”. (The default is usually set to “25”. Most ISP’s block port 25 unless you are using their SMTP server, so we run on port 50.)
  • Make sure “Leave a copy of message on server” is NOT checked. (This is usually not necessary unless you are checking your mail from more than one computer. Please talk to us about this if you feel you need this.)

Once you have verified your info is correct click “OK” at the bottom. You will be back a the main setup window. See below.

You are now back at the main window. You don’t have change anything as you have already put your info in. If you like you can test account settings, or simply click “Next” at the bottom and the final window appears to tell you that you have finished.


Click “Finish“.

That’s it. You should now send a test email to yourself.

To Test your POP3 account, using “sales” for an example, follow these steps:

  • Start a New Mail message by clicking on the New Mail Icon at the top left of Outlook or Outlook Express, or click on the File Menu, choose New, then click on Mail Message
  • Make the From: Box use your New Account by clicking on the Down Arrow (at the far right of screen) and choosing
  • In the To: Box type in, or click on the word To: and choose sales from the list
  • You can leave the CC: Box blank, or enter in another email address to send a Carbon Copy to
  • In the Subject: Box type in Testing, or whatever you like
  • You don’t have to type anything into the body of the message
  • Now hit the Send Icon or click on the File Menu and click on Send Message
  • Wait about 30 seconds after message is sent, then click on the Send/Recv Button

Your Message should come in on your New Email Account