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  • Albion Ohio
  • Alcony Ohio
  • Amelia Ohio
  • Arnheim Ohio
  • Ash Ridge Ohio
  • Auburn Ohio
  • Batavia Ohio
  • Bethel Ohio
  • Bexley Ohio
  • Blue Ash Ohio
  • Butler Ohio
  • Butlerville Ohio
  • Canal Fulton Ohio
  • Canal Winchester Ohio
  • Canfield Ohio
  • Cedarville Ohio
  • Charles Mill Ohio
  • Charlestown Ohio
  • Cherry Grove Ohio
  • Chester Center Ohio
  • Chesterland Ohio
  • Cheviot Ohio
  • Chillicothe Ohio
  • Cincinnati Ohio
  • Cincinnati Ohio
  • Circleville Ohio
  • Clarksfield Ohio
  • Cleves Ohio
  • Clifton Ohio
  • College Corner Ohio
  • Columbia Center Ohio
  • Columbia Station Ohio
  • Columbiana Ohio
  • Columbus Ohio
  • Congress Ohio
  • Cortland Ohio
  • Coulter Ohio
  • Craigton Ohio
  • Creston Ohio
  • Crimson Ohio
  • Crossroads Ohio
  • Crystal Springs Ohio
  • Culler Mill Ohio
  • Deer Park Ohio
  • Deerfield Ohio
  • Delaware Ohio
  • Dent Ohio
  • Douglas Ohio
  • Doylestown Ohio
  • Dublin Ohio
  • East Mansfield Ohio
  • East Palestine Ohio
  • Evendale Ohio
  • Fairfield Ohio
  • Fairview Park Ohio
  • Farmersville Ohio
  • Five Points Ohio
  • Gahanna Ohio
  • Glendale Ohio
  • Glennwood Ohio
  • Golden Corners Ohio
  • Goodland Acres Ohio
  • Gordon Ohio
  • Goshen Ohio
  • Grandview Ohio
  • Granger Ohio
  • Green Ohio
  • Greenford Ohio
  • Greensburg Ohio
  • Grove City Ohio
  • Groveport Ohio
  • Hamilton Ohio
  • Hamlet Ohio
  • Harrison Ohio
  • Henrietta Ohio
  • Highland Heights Ohio
  • Hillcrest Ohio
  • Hilliard Ohio
  • Hiram Ohio
  • Hiram Rapids Ohio
  • Homer Ohio
  • Homerville Ohio
  • Homeworth Ohio
  • Honeytown Ohio
  • Horace Ohio
  • Howenstine Ohio
  • Howland Corners Ohio
  • Hubbard Ohio
  • Hunting Valley Ohio
  • Huntington Ohio
  • Huntsburg Ohio
  • Kings Mill Ohio
  • Kirtland Hills Ohio
  • Kirtland Ohio
  • Lancaster Ohio
  • Lattasburg Ohio
  • Lebanon Ohio
  • Leetonia Ohio
  • Lenox Center Ohio
  • Little Washington Ohio
  • Lodi Ohio
  • London Ohio
  • London Ohio
  • Lorain Ohio
  • Loveland Ohio
  • Lyndhurst Ohio
  • Madeira Ohio
  • Madison Hill Ohio
  • Madison Ohio
  • Madisonburg Ohio
  • Magnolia Ohio
  • Mansfield Ohio
  • Mantua Corners Ohio
  • Maple Heights Ohio
  • Mapleton Ohio
  • Marchand Ohio
  • Marks Ohio
  • Marshville Ohio
  • Marysville Ohio
  • Mason Ohio
  • Massillon Ohio
  • Maximo Ohio
  • Maybee Ohio
  • Mayfield Ohio
  • Mayfield Village Ohio
  • McCance Ohio
  • McDonald Ohio
  • McDonaldsville Ohio
  • McKay Ohio
  • McQuaid Ohio
  • McZena Ohio
  • Mecca Ohio
  • Mechanicsburg Ohio
  • Medina Ohio
  • Mesopotamia Ohio
  • Miamisburg Ohio
  • Miamitown Ohio
  • Miamiville Ohio
  • Middlebranch Ohio
  • Middlefield Ohio
  • Middletown Ohio
  • Midland Ohio
  • Midpark Ohio
  • Milford Ohio
  • Millville Ohio
  • Monroe Center Ohio
  • Monroe Ohio
  • Monterey Ohio
  • Montgomery Ohio
  • Moreland Hills Ohio
  • Moreland Ohio
  • Moscow Ohio
  • Mount Eaton Ohio
  • Mount Holly Ohio
  • Mt. Healthy Ohio
  • Mt. Orab Ohio
  • Myers Ohio
  • Nankin Ohio
  • Negley Ohio
  • Nelson Ohio
  • New Lebanon Ohio
  • New London Ohio
  • New Madison Ohio
  • New Miami Ohio
  • New Middletown Ohio
  • New Palastine Ohio
  • New Paris Ohio
  • New Pittsburg Ohio
  • New Richmond Ohio
  • New Springfield Ohio
  • New Waterford Ohio
  • New Vienna Ohio
  • New Weston Ohio
  • New Westville Ohio
  • Newark Ohio
  • Newbury Center Ohio
  • Newbury Ohio
  • Newton Falls Ohio
  • Newtonsville Ohio
  • Newtown Ohio
  • Newville Ohio
  • Norwalk Ohio
  • Norwalk Ohio
  • Norwood Ohio
  • Oakwood Ohio
  • Oxford Ohio
  • Oxford Ohio
  • Palestine Ohio
  • Perintown Ohio
  • Phillipsburg Ohio
  • Phoneton Ohio
  • Pickerington Ohio
  • Plain City Ohio
  • Point Pleasant Ohio
  • Powell Ohio
  • Princeton Ohio
  • Reading Ohio
  • Reily Ohio
  • Reynoldsburg Ohio
  • Ripley Ohio
  • Rock Creek Ohio
  • Rome Ohio
  • Russell Center Ohio
  • Shandon Ohio
  • Sharon Center Ohio
  • Sharonville Ohio
  • Silverton Ohio
  • South Lebanon Ohio
  • Southington Ohio
  • Spring Valley Ohio
  • Springboro Ohio
  • Springdale Ohio
  • St. Bernard Ohio
  • St. Charles Ohio
  • St. Martin Ohio
  • Stewart Ohio
  • Stow Ohio
  • Streetsboro Ohio
  • Terrace Park Ohio
  • Uniontown Ohio
  • Upper Arlington Ohio
  • Valley View Ohio
  • Weavers Corners Ohio
  • Weilersville Ohio
  • Wellington Ohio
  • Wellsville Ohio
  • West Alexandria Ohio
  • West Charleston Ohio
  • West Chester Ohio
  • West Elkton Ohio
  • West Lebanon Ohio
  • West Middletown Ohio
  • West Milton Ohio
  • West Sonora Ohio
  • Westboro Ohio
  • Westerville Ohio
  • Whitehall Ohio
  • Wilberforce Ohio
  • Williamsburg Ohio
  • Wilmington Ohio
  • Windsor Ohio
  • Winona Ohio
  • Withamsville Ohio
  • Woodington Ohio
  • Woodmere Ohio
  • Worthington Ohio
  • Wyoming Ohio
  • Zanesville Ohio

How To Spot an Email Hoax

1. Note whether the text you’ve received was actually written by the person who sent it. Did anyone sign their name to it? If not, be skeptical.

2. Look for the telltale phrase, ‘Forward this to everyone you know!’ The more urgent the plea, the more suspect the message.

3. Look for statements like ‘This is NOT a hoax’ or ‘This is NOT an urban legend.’ They typically mean the opposite of what they say.

4. Watch for overly emphatic language, as well as frequent use of UPPERCASE LETTERS and multiple exclamation points!!!!!!!

5. If the text seems aimed more at persuading than informing the reader, be suspicious. Like propagandists, hoaxers are more interested in pushing people’s emotional buttons than communicating accurate information.

6. If the message purports to impart extremely important information that you’ve never heard of before or read elsewhere in legitimate venues, be very suspicious.

7. Read carefully and think critically about what the message says, looking for logical inconsistencies, violations of common sense and blatantly false claims.

8. Look for subtle or not-so-subtle jokes — indications that the author is pulling your leg.

9. Check for references to outside sources of information. Hoaxes don’t typically cite verifiable evidence, nor link to Websites with corroborating information.

10. Check to see if the message has been debunked by Websites that debunk urban legends and Internet hoaxes (see sidebar).

11. Research any factual claims in the text to see if there is published evidence to support them. If you find none, odds are you’ve been the recipient of an email hoax.


1. Virtually any email chain letter you receive (i.e., any message forwarded multiple times before it got to you) is more likely to be false than true. You should automatically be skeptical of chain letters.

2. Hoaxers usually try every means available to make their lies believable — e.g., mimicking a journalistic style, attributing the text to a ‘legitimate’ source, or implying that powerful corporate or government interests have tried to keep the information from you.

3. Be especially wary of health-related rumors. Most importantly, never act on ‘medical information’ forwarded from unknown sources without first verifying its accuracy with a doctor or other reliable source.

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