Website or Web Designer Problems?

We don’t know why it happens, but it does. Your web designer abandons you – they disappear, leaving you with no way to change your site, or they don’t want to work with you anymore and the project isn’t done. We can help. We can get your web site, relocate it on a different hosting server, and work with you to get control over your domain name.Here are some of the comments we hear:

  • My designer won’t return my calls and I need changes made.
  • My designer moved and left no forwarding number.
  • They shut down my site and the phone is disconnected.
  • My designer went and got a real job.
  • My designer went back to school.
  • The design is great but it takes forever to load.
  • I have a site but nobody can find it.

Most of these come from clients that used a company or person that does web sites as a sideline. Some from companies that are full time but concentrate on graphic arts and images. The result is an investment that isn’t paying off. If you are in the same place call or e-mail us. Discussing your options is FREE.

More Business Please Most businesses create their web sites to increase business. In the case of an e-commerce site it means more on-line orders. But for other companies it may be calling or emailing for more information. Or registering for an event. Or filling out an application. In all cases you want the visitor to do something, to take action. Getting traffic to your site is only half the work. Getting them to take action is the real goal. If your site isn’t generating the business you think it should call 614-777-0559 or email.