Web Design

Web Design and Development

We can handle any web site project you need regardless of size. We do the complete projects, site design, development, graphics, images, hosting, and search engine placement.

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Complete web site design projects

All aspects of site development are reviewed with you and your team. It essential to create an understanding of what you want to accomplish with your site. We will then customize the project to your needs and desires.

  • Set site goals, time frames, and review budgets with the client
  • Create an understanding of what the site should do and what the client wants
  • Understanding the client’s business and the customers they are trying to reach
  • Competitive site review
  • Site image creation – original or derived from the companies existing image
  • Site flow and structure
  • Site content creation
  • Site graphic creation
  • Products and/or services defined
  • Product and/or services pricing structure layout
  • Information request and/or contact information
  • Employee page
  • Online ordering or shopping cart services
  • Links to other related sites or customers
  • Site registration with free and paid search engines
  • Gateway pages
  • Link exchange
  • Keywords

Existing website design makeovers

When some companies first get into the Internet they get a quick dirty web site. As they grow, the site needs to be redone to reflect the company’s position. A poorly done site can have a worse effect on your potential customers than not having one at all. This is even more important if your company is technically oriented. Visitors will get their first impression of your company from the appearance of the site.

  • Reconstruct the site flow if it is not directing visitors to the desired locations or if it is difficult to navigate
  • Overhauling the site image to reflect the client’s new or existing image
  • Recreate unclear graphics
  • Adding new graphics
  • Adding new sections or features – products, FAQ, service, forum
  • Updating content
  • Adding new links
  • Site registration with free and paid search engines
  • Gateway pages
  • Link exchange
  • Keywords

Existing website updates and maintenance

For our clients updates are usually a continuing process. Some are more frequent than others. If your site has numerous products, that will require frequent changes, we usually recommend setting them up in a database. This will simplify updates in the future. The most important part of maintenance is keeping search engine registration up-to-date. We can provide updates and maintenance to existing sites also.

  • Product changes or additions
  • Spec changes
  • Pricing changes
  • Employee changes
  • FAQ changes or additions
  • “Tips” changes
  • Calendar updates
  • Content changes
  • Specials or sales
  • Company news updates
  • Update registrations with search engines and other directories

Other Services:

  • Blogs, Forums / News Groups
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Database and PHP Development
  • Streaming Video, Flash Video, & YouTube Prep
  • Do-It-Yourself Websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Website Graphics, Animation, Image Effects, & Flash
  • Complete Site Hosting, Email, & Domain Registration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Internet Marketing and Consulting
  • Website & Web Designer Problems

Our Design Philosophy

Website Design

Can you make it look like this?
  • Proper image compression to ensure highest visible quality and fast loading.
  • Creative layout with artistic style and functionality.
  • Color schemes that allow the viewer to read the content easily.
  • Custom graphics & effects that make an impact.
  • Logical web site layout for easy navigation.
  • Personal consultation for web site content.
  • Keeping up with the latest browser features to ensure compatibility.
  • Exploring new technologies to provide complete web-based business solutions.

To get started on your website project, contact us.