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getting started with your new websitejhWebWorks Web Design can handle all your website needs. We will help with every step to get your website up and running.

There are 4 things you need for your website:

First you need a domain name, for example ours is We recommend a .com for any business’s primary web address. Most people or businesses use their company name. But that might be the best way for 2 reasons. One it may not be available. Second a domain for what you do could be better. We are happy to help you find the domain that is right for you. Or check out these domain tips to help you find your own 

Second you need a host. This is a computer someplace on the Internet that will hold the files for you website. Your domain name will then be pointed to this computer’s address so your website will be visible online. We can handle this for you and make it as easy for you as we can. You don’t have to use our hosting. We offer it as a convenience for our customers. Read more about our hosting here.

Third will be the actual design and content that will makeup your website. We find the most successful websites are the ones where our customers are involved the most. When you give us examples/links of websites you like, good clear pictures that represent your business, products or services, and the content (text, word, email documents) we are able to spend our time creating your website.

Finely you need a team that can put it all together for you. jhWebWorks is the web design team in Columbus Ohio you want working on your site. We do not charge for phone calls, e-mail, website advice, or questions. Discussing your web design options is always free. We are a one-stop shop for all your website design needs.

Please call us 866-897-3471, email us or fill out the form below.



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