Internet Marketing

Marketing with the Internet

Internet MarketingInternet marketing is not promoting your website. It is using the Internet as a marketing tool.

Many people think Internet marketing is completely different than the traditional marketing that they have been exposed to. There are some differences: it’s faster, it’s cheaper, and some of the tools are new.

  • It’s faster, there is less time between a campaign launch and the response from prospective customers. There is no waiting for the mail to get it there.
  • It’s cheaper, because less is being spent on printing, postage and related parts. Everything is online.
  • Some of the new tools are auto-responders, newsletter blasts, banner ads, and link exchanges.

The similarities outnumber the differences. Good, well thought-out campaigns and properly created promotional items will always be more important than the tricks. Using or overusing just the tricks without the content will create the wrong perception about your business and worse yet, annoy them to the point where they will never do business with you.

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