Website Banner Ads

Internet Banner AdsBanner ads are the small, sometimes annoying, ads that are on different sites, search engines, or directories. These ads are clickable and take people to your site. If you have followed one of these, you will find that they just take you to the front of a site. A better method is to have the ad take you to a special introductory page in your site that corresponds with the ad. These ads use to be a method of getting links back to your site. Now Google does not want see pay ads returning links. So it important to make sure your ad is placed on the site in the correct manner. When choosing a site to place an ad on there are some important things to know:

  • How much traffic does the site get (unique visitors)?
  • Is your ad going to be on all pages or just certain ones?
  • How much traffic does that or those pages get?
  • Is your ad going to come up each time or will it be rotated with others? What will your exposure rate be?
  • Will you get a report showing you site/page traffic and click through rates?

What can we do to help you with your ads:

  • Create ad content
  • Create ad graphics
  • Ad placement
  • Site intro/landing pages

To get help with your banner ads contact us