Online Brochures and Catalogs

Online Brochures and Catalogs

Online Brochures and CatalogsOnline brochures and catalogs are similar to their printed counterparts. The printed versions are usually the best place to start. The differences are in content size, structure and download time. With catalogs, it is important to structure it so that either you or we can make changes quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of an online brochure :

  • They can be updated for content and images quickly and at any time.
  • They are significantly less expansive than printed brochures.
  • They can be used as visual aids for sales people on the phone or while emailing customers.
  • They can get product information in customers hands faster than mail.

What we include in converting printed brochures and catalogs to online versions are:

  • Content editing
  • Content creation
  • Graphic creation and editing
  • Photo editing
  • Shopping cart conversion