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If anyone offers to put your website in the top 10 or first place in a search engine run away. Many people have been hooked by these claims only to see their money disappear with no change in position. Quite simply, search engines look for only a few things:

  1. Content on your site that is readable by visitors to your site.
  2. Good meta tags that are unique and relevant to the page.
  3. Incoming links or “back links” TO your site from other good relevant sites.

While we can do this work for our clients we usually coach them in what to do and how to do it. This saves you money now and in the future.

So what’s worth paying for?

  • Not everyone is a good content writer. So if you’re not, paying someone who is can be worth the money. Keep in min,d they don’t know your business like you, so you will need to provide some base information and guidance.
  • You or they will also have to make sure that you have key search terms in your content. You can do this research yourself, but there can be a value to having someone with experience do it for you.

Note: The above items are things that are only done once on your site – it should not beĀ  ongoing monthly changes and fees. Sure, there may be some fine tuning of content and key terms, but not something you pay hundreds for every month.

  • Ye,s search engines like to see new content on your site. This can be through a blog, adding press releases, company or industry news, or just additions to products and services. If you don’t have the time, then having someone do it for you could be of value. Be smart about it. How much is getting written and and how long would it take you to do, then find a price you like.
  • Getting “back links” or incoming links is not technically difficult but very time consuming and frustrating. There are a lot of businesses out there that claim to provide this service. Some are good, but a lot are not. It’s not just getting a link – it’s getting ones that Google likes. This is very important now that Google is penalizing for bad links.

A few important terms for your website:

  • Site content -the text that is readable on the site. Graphics that are words are not considered content, they are the same as images.
  • Page title – the page title meta tag can be seen in the top of your browser. This should be related to the content on the page and unique to each page. It should contain keywords or phrases. Unless your company name is well known it usually is not included. It is best if it is 60 characters or less.
  • Page description – the page description meta tag can only be seen on your site if you look at the source code. But it is often seen in the search engine results as part of the link to the page. The rules are the same as the page title only you can use more characters.
  • Keywords – the keyword meta tag is not used by any major search engines. Instead keywords are the terms people use to search for what you are offering on your site.

You may get e-mail messages telling you the solution to web site registration is submitting to hundreds of search engines, all at one time and over and over again. Don’t believe it for one minute! Mass submitting your site is Site Suicide!

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Search Success Tips:

  • Submit only to top search engines (Many you don’t even need to submit to now. They just find it on their own.) With Google, for example you can submit a site map only.
  • Set up site analytics and check your results. Either Google’s or Bing’s
  • Make sure your site is ready
  • Get
    incoming links
  • If a deal to get your site moved up sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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