Competitive Site Analysis

Competitive Site Analysis

Competitive AnalysisIf you had no competition then you would always be at the top of search engine listings. But that’s probably not the case. So what is your competition doing that has them ahead of you in search engine position?

Analyzing your competitor’s site is a great start to make improvements to your site and improve your position.

Here are some of the things to look for:

  • How much content does the site have compared to your.
  • How do they break down or group products and services.
  • What keywords and phrases do they use in their content, page titles, and page descriptions.
  • What words do they use for navigation in the site.
  • What additional links do they have in the site.

After that it’s time to look at where are they getting links and can you get them from there too.

If you would like us to do competitive analysis for you here’s our plan:

  • Develop a list of the top terms to be used in the site content and meta tags.
  • Find the top 10 companies for each of the terms on the major search engines.
  • Comparative search ranking between you and your competitors using the keywords and phrases.
  • Run each of the 10 companies through for keywords search and density.
  • Find out why they are on top and what has to be done to your site to beat them.
  • Search engine ranking with all of the major search engines for each key search term.

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