Linking and Pay-Per-Click

Incoming Links

Linking and Pay-Per-ClickIncoming links are one of the most important elements to getting found on Google. To clarify these are links to your site from other sites. But it is not as simple as it sounds. The site that are linking to yours need to have content that is relevant to your site.¬† If your selling dog toys a link from bob’s used cars won’t help and may actually hurt. Often time trading links is the only way to get them (2 way links). But incoming only (1 way) links are preferred.

Link building is one of the only ongoing SEO activities that keeps paying dividends as long as Google is using them. The more the better.

Sources for incoming links:

  • Online associations are a group of sites that compliment each other. i.e. Chamber of Commerce, trade associations, etc.
  • Suppliers or dealers
  • Directories – some work some don’t Google is going back and forth on these.
  • If your a local business trade links with other businesses like yours in other cities and states.

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Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo AdCenter are paid advertising on the search engine sites. You see these when you search for something on the search engine you will see a colored box above and to the right of the regular results  these are paid for ads. The cost vary depending in the term, position and the competitiveness.

We help clients:

  • Set up their campaigns
  • Create their ads
  • Create landing pages
  • Campaign management training.
  • Campaign management if desired.

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