Website FAQs

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Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is what is used to find to your website, . Usually you try to get a domain name that represents your business, as an example ours is, the name of our business. Domain names need to be renewed every year and should always be in your name.

How do I get a domain name?

Domain names are register through companies like Go Daddy and Network Solutions. Prices very from $9.00/year to $35.00/year. Get a domain for more than one year is less expansive per year and also helps with search engine position. We often help our customers out by registering them for them and then tracking them to make sure it isn’t forgotten about.

I already have a domain name do I have to get a new one?

No. We can work with any domain and can help you manage it if you prefer. Make sure your domain is in your name and has your contact information with it. You can use this tool from Go Daddy to check. If it is not in your name contact the person or company that got it for you and insist that it be changed. If they don’t exist anymore call us and we can help. 614-777-0559

I have more than one domain. Can they be both be pointed to the same site?

Yes and no. Only one domain should be directly pointed to your website. The other domains should be parked at the same place. Using any of the domains will get you to the site. The difference is that the search engines won’t see the website as separate website with the same content.


What should I look for in hosting?

Up time. But it is hard to tell because they all report 99.9%

Speed. A basic account at a big hosting company may work fine for a 5 page website but will crawl with an e-commerce system.

Back up. How are your files and data backed up and how often. If they use tape drives run away. Disk-to-disk or solid state are what you are looking for.

What’s included in the price. Is email included? How many accounts? How much email space? If you’re selling on line is an SSL included? How much ram and cpu do you get? Not very important for small websites but for large databased driven ones it is critical.

Support. What kind of help do you get with the account or are you on your own.

Price? Hosting starts at most places for $9.95/mo and go up from there.

What is website hosting?

Hosting is storing the files and images that make up your website on a computer connected to the Internet someplace in the world. Lots of companies offer hosting some of them actually have that computer. The others lease computers at a big “hosting farm” and then sell space on them. The most important part is up time. But they all say 99.9% So it’s hard to tell.


How do I access my Web Mail?

How to Access Webmail:

To access your email via a web browser, simply type /webmail after your domain name, for example,if you accessed your web site like this:


You would get to webmail like this:


A login window will be presented. Simply login with your full email address and email password. You will then see a choice of three webmail programs: Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube. We suggest you give all three a try to see what you prefer.

I can receive email but can’t send emails – what did I do wrong?

Under “Advanced Settings” or “More Settings” you have the following set.

Outgoing server requires authentication is checked.

Change outgoing server port to 50. This prevents your isp from blocking the outgoing mail.

What are Email Aliases or Forwarders?

If you want a number of email addresses to check responses to a marketing campaign you can create Alias Emails. For example, can all direct to one incoming email box like

Also you could have redirect to you gmail account.