WordPress Blogs and Forums/Boards


Blogs and ForumsBlogs are the modern version of a soap box. They allow people to express their ideas and opinions openly. On some blogs readers can post comments or responses. This ability is in control of the blog owner whether they want to allow this.

They are also a good way to get new and additional content on your existing site. Currently search engines like for your site to continually get new content. If you have a site where you can’t make content additions and changes and don’t want to upgrade it to an editable site, adding a blog will allow you increase your content.

Please note that for the content benefit the blog needs to be part of your site not on a separate site.

Forums, boards and newsgroups

Boards are one of the oldest parts of the Internet. Before the www AOL, Compuserve and others were boards were people would meet, exchange ideas, and socialize. Boards are still popular now were people with common interests get together and discuss topics. Some examples of usage would be hobbies, collecting, politics, racing, sports, and communities.

Boards are used in business to allow you, your customers, and other visitors to exchange information and advice on subjects pertaining to your products and services. This is a great way to broadcast information to your existing customers and let potential ones see what doing business with your company is like. You can correct false or incorrect information and answer questions that others may have and are not asking you. It is advised that these areas are moderated to keep subjects on track.

Our services for blogs and boards

  • Blog setup and hosting
  • Board / newsgroup setup
  • Board / newsgroup hosting
  • Incorporating the blog into your web site
  • Incorporating the board into your web site

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