Website Design Pricing

Your website budget should consist of the following:

  1. Domain Name – if you don’t already have one. This is a small, but yearly cost
  2. Hosting – website files, images and database need to be uploaded to a hosting account
  3. Site Development – content and layout
  4. Graphics / Images – more graphics the higher the cost
  5. Search Engine Registration – search engine and directory registration
  6. Changes – even with the best designers, after it is done you will want changes

Domain Name

Often times new customers don’t have a domain name yet. We can register one for you for only $25. The domain name will¬† be registered in your name so you have ownership of it. We are listed as the technical contact so we get notification up renewal and take care of it for our clients. That way it doesn’t get forgotten and you can ignore the scams that try to get control of your domain name.

There are domain name prices and there are more expensive ones.  You can always get your own.


We provide hosting for roughly 95% of our clients. It makes life simpler for them with only one invoice and one place to call. Our servers are UNIX/LINUX based with php and MySQL. They are always up-to-date with the latest spam control software.

Our clients do not have to host with us. We are happy to work with any hosting company for your project.

We can also make recommendations for Windows hosting.

Site Development

Site development is the largest part of the budget. The larger your site is, the more it will cost. The good news is that once the layout is done it is less expensive to add pages later or in the beginning. A properly done layout also makes it less expensive to update in the future. Think about starting the site with the basics and adding to it over time.

Graphics / Images

Graphics and images are a necessary part of the site. The standard rule is the more you want the more expensive it is. Stock graphics or images are simple and inexpensive to add to the site. Some of the better photographs or images cost money just to get and use in your site. Small, simple graphics for buttons and the like are inexpensive, but larger more complex graphics are always more time consuming to get just right. Product photos usually need a little work to have them come out clear and download quickly.

Search Engine Registration

Search Engine¬†registration is one of the most important part of your web site project. The best site in the world will never get noticed if you don’t direct people to it. The idea is you want potential customers to find your site before they find your competitors. The original search engine tricks don’t work anymore and are continually changing. To stay ahead of the competition, registration should be tracked and maintained.


Changes are always part of your web site. Some changes may come shortly after the site is done because a new product is ready. Minimal changes may just be necessary once in a while to keep information current. Sites that attract the most return visitors continuously change the information so visitors have something new to read and view.

The Big Question

Website Design Pricing

How much does it cost?

The first question everyone asks is how much does it cost. Without knowing anything about the project the only answer is $xxx per hour. Prices charged by different companies can range from $20/hr to $200/hr.

Why is there such a big range? The big company charging $200/hr has overhead and non-producing people to pay as well as the developers. The high school student with “borrowed” software only has to charge what he/she wants to make. Somewhere in between is what most designers are charging.

The second question is how do I know what I am getting for the hourly rate. People produce at different rates what takes one person 1 hour to do can take the other 2 hours.

We hope the information on this page helps you figure out what your web development project will cost.

To discuss the cost of your website project, contact us.