Graphic Design

Logo Design

A logo is part of a company’s image. It should be unique and most importantly memorable. Established companies can use simple logos or an image because people already know them. The rest should have a symbol that says something about the company. This can be done through images or a slogan incorporated with the logo. To help new companies develop a logo we:

  • Learn about your company, what it does and where it’s going
  • Create the graphic and text image
  • Prepare output for electronic and print media in multiple size

Graphic Design for Websites

Graphic Design

Graphics used in your web site can be as simple as a button or divider bar or as complex as a three dimensional animated logo. These images
should reflect the company image you want to project to customers. We will design them to your specifications or use our skills and experience to create a company image for you.

  • Simple or complex graphics
  • 3D images
  • 3D text
  • Animated graphics
  • Image maps
  • Interactive graphics

Flash Objects

Flash has it’s place in current web design. It should not usually be used to design an entire site or even fancy introductions anymore because search engines can’t find anything to “read” on them. Flash is great is for animation that is too large for animated GIFs or for graphic short movies.

Image Editing

You may have some images that are looking tired or weren’t generated in the best quality. The first impression a visitor has from your site is the look. This is where quality images come in:

  • Clean up existing images
  • Produce images at a higher quality
  • Change colors
  • Add depth and dimension
  • Prepare for print medium

Photo Retouching

Most product images on a web site are photos. Some are professional, others are not. The light conditions may not have been perfect. There may be other things in the photo that distract from your subject. All of these can be corrected.

  • Brightness and contrast correction
  • Sharpen or blur
  • Color correction
  • Object removal
  • Enhance clarity
  • Remove lines and scratches
  • Smooth blemishes
  • Crop and zoom in on specific parts

Photo Editing and Effects

Photos that never existed can exist, with a little help. By using multiple photos, products can exist in different backgrounds, models can fly, new machinery can exist on the production floor and new employees can be added to the company photo.

  • New backgrounds
  • Adding or subtracting objects
  • Colorizing
  • Combining photos for 360 degree view
  • Adding shadows
  • Changing the time of day
  • Adding motion
  • Adding atmosphere – fog, smoke, snow, rain
  • Adding reflection
  • Enhance lighting
  • Spin, swirl, fade, blur