Downloadable Electronic Brochures

Downloadable Electronic Brochures

Downloadable Electronic BrochuresDownloadable electronic brochures and/or forms are PDF files intended to be saved and viewed off-line and/or printed. One of the advantages is PDF documents can be set up so they can not be edited by the recipient.The original look and style can also be preserved.

What are the benefits of a downloadable electronic brochures :

  • They can be updated for content and images quickly and recreated at any time.
  • They are significantly less expansive than printed brochures.
  • They can be used as visual aids for sales people on the phone or while emailing customers.
  • They can get product information in customers hands faster than mail.
  • You can customize the content for a customer.
  • Keeps your product information off line and away from competitors.

What we include in creation of downloadable electronic brochures and forms are:

  • Content editing
  • Content creation
  • Graphic creation and editing
  • Photo editing
  • PDF file conversion